A Note from the Owner of our Center:

Dear Prospective Families,

I thank you for your interest in our facility, and taking the time to research our day
care.  Deciding who will care for your child will, without a doubt, be one of the
hardest and most important decisions you make.  I know this because before I
became the owner of the Little Caboose, I was a parent at the Center.  

I understand the anxiety and apprehension you are feeling right now, and both
my husband and I cried the first day of drop-off.  Believe it or not, this
experience can be a wonderful one.  You are essentially adding to your family.  
That is what we are at this center, a family.  

Myself and my staff take our roles as caregivers extremely seriously.  Without a
collaborative effort, including open lines of communication and constant
feedback, we can not be successful in raising these children.  You are the
parent, and we never forget that.  We know that we will not do everything exactly
the way you would at home, but we sure can try.  At The Little Caboose, you run
the show.  We will support the decisions you make and assist you in any way we
can to raise your child, your way.  Remember, I come at this from a parental
perspective.  I know what I want for my children (who still attend the center by the
way), and I venture to guess, it's pretty close to what you want for your children.  
All of us parents fundamentally want the same things: a safe, healthy, fun,
educational, & loving environment for our children when we can't be there.  I can
promise you that is exactly what you will receive at The Little Caboose.  

If nothing else, I encourage you to give us a call.  Schedule a tour and take a
look around.  We will be happy to take all the time we need to answer any
questions you may have.  We will show you all of our classrooms, introduce you
to our teachers, review our Curriculum, and discuss our policies.  I'll admit, we're
not the cheapest center out there, but we're not the most expensive either.  In my
mind, when it comes to your child, quality is what you're looking for.  Whether
you pick our Center or not, you want to be sure that you find somewhere that
takes your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, feedback, desires, and questions
seriously.  You and your child deserve that.  

Again, I thank you for your interest in our Center.  We look forward to hearing
from you, and can't wait for your family to become part of our family.


Ms. Kim B.

A special note from our
Owner and Administrator...