Below you will find our breakfast, lunch, and snack menu.  At The Little
Caboose we have made a commitment to our children's overall health.  We are
not only concentrating on their mental growth and development, be we want to
ensure that we are caring for the "whole child".  We want to make sure that the
children are physically developing the healthiest way possible.  

As you will notice, our menu has been developed with the sound purpose of
combating the growing Our role as educators extends beyond the classroom.  It
is our goal to set the wheels in motion for an overall healthy and epidemic of
child obesity.  We use only the finest ingredients, including whole wheat
breads, pastas, and rices.  We use fresh fruits and vegetables when available.  
We serve fresh fish at least once a month.  We will avoid fried foods, notice no
nuggets, french fries, chips, etc.  Our products are prepared on-site, we do not
cater, and thus we can control the fat, preservatives, and sugars in our foods.  

Other ways that we are assisting our parents in raising healthy children is we
brush the children's teeth after each meal. Also, in an effort to combat child
obesity, our children are alloted a minimum of 1 hour of physical free play
activity each day.

Please review our menu, and if you have any recommendations or recipes,
please feel free to share.   
The Little Caboose
Monthly Menu
430 Old Baltimore Pike - Newark, DE 19702
The Little Caboose menus, recipes, and nutrition
curriculum has been featured by the Nemours
Foundation in their Healthy Eating Tool Kits that
have been distributed to schools and day cares
throughout the State of Delaware.
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sample of the